Sunday, April 29, 2007

Upcoming Prayer Days

Monday April 30th: Poages doing Sonogram for Avery
Thursday May 3rd: 9am we meet with vision assistance to see if Ella needs their therapy, 2pm we meet with the dietician again because Ella might be allergic to the toddler formula...and their are not a lot of milk-free options for tube babies.
Wednesday May 9th: Poage MRI for Avery
May 17th: 8:30am Ella's 1 year Appointment and 3pm Eye Check-up.
May 21st: Follow-Up Hearing Test

We are still doing PT every Tuesday at 9am, moved one of our OT appointments to Wednesday at noon. We are waiting to hear from Our Children's House at Baylor on when we will be scheduled there for OT (2X a week) and ST (speech, 2X a week) they are going to start giving Ella the VitalStim treatments on her throat to help her swallowing. Looks like we will be at therapy 4-5 days a week!!!

Moving Misemers

"Bow-Head" Day at the Park

I put this cute bow in Ella's hair, but obviously I need some practice...I never wore bows and it's probably bc my mom couldn't figure out how with my curls too! We had a good day hanging out with Sara, Micah and Katy!

Wiped Out

I guess the camera was disturbing her sleep...she heard it turn on and turned over and hid her face while sleeping!

Friday, April 27, 2007

Poage Prayers Needed!!

Some of you guys have been keeping up with our friends the Poages (

I received a call from Stephanie this afternoon after a routine doctors appointment for Avery (who is now 7 months old). The doctors are concerned that the circumference of Avery's head is larger than it should be at her age and based on her weight. For those of you who understand the percentile structure...Avery is 50th% length, 10th% weight, and off the charts for her age group in head circumference. They will be doing a sonogram on Monday 4/30. The have also scheduled a MRI on May 9th. The doctor is thinking that it could be "hydrocephalus", which is a swelling of the brain due to fluid retention (if anyone can explain it better PLEASE feel free to reply to this email!). There are other possibilities of a tumor, growth, or just a larger head. Let's offer as many prayers as we can for the Poages. For peace, for the doctors, and for Avery as she endures these procedures. I think they are all a little overwhelmed and scared right now. I will update the blog with any information as we receive news.

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Women's Conference

We are hosting a Women's Conference at our church NEXT weekend. Please feel free to register online!

Thank you so much to those of you who have donated or help me find donors for our door prizes!!

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

My husband.

My husband is amazing. He doesn't know that I'm writing this and will probably be embarrassed that I'm talking about him on here. Joe Mitchell is a man of God. I put that first because that's who he is first. He a son of God and a follower of Christ. He believes so strongly that Jesus is our Savior that you couldn't shake him free of those beliefs...they are who he is. Joe is also an amazing husband, father, son (to many), and friend. Joe is a servant is every sense of the word. He's kind and funny...and cool.

I have struggled for almost 4 years now with whether I "deserve" someone like Joe. If you knew me prior to meeting him you would not have put us together. From the day I met this man, God started to change my life.

Because Joe will NEVER write on this blog I thought I would give you a little more insight into my husband and best friend. He works very hard at his job every day. He comes home and the first thing he does is kiss me and then Ella. He wants to play with her more than any other option he could have. He forgoes hanging out with the boys and even his own "to dos" because he would rather just be with us. He works a full day and yet for the past year has gotten up at night when Ella needs something just to let me sleep. For a year now he has washed pumping equipment, bottles, and anything else needed for Ella...not because I've asked him to, but mostly because he wanted to make sure it was done right and so I wouldn't have to. He supports me with all of the decisions we have to make concerning Ella's care.

One of the greatest moments of being Joe's wife was almost a year ago. It was the day after Ella was born and we had just been woken up by the doctors and nurses to give us the news of her condition and to tell us that she was in the NICU and possibly wouldn't survive. We could have reacted in a lot of different ways, but Joe made sure that our family went to our knees first. He made sure that God would be glorified through Ella's life, however short it might have been at that point.

Joe is training for a marathon, but it amazing that he will put off running and training just to lay on the floor and talk to Ella about her day. He would rather spend "5 more minutes" with us, rather than train for something he really enjoys. He doesn't even look at it as a sacrifice...he just truly loves us and doesn't want to be without us. He even asked us to come outside and play while he was putting sod down. It's fun to be a family, but it's more fun when Joe loves our family. He is so supportive of all that Ella goes through. He reminds me daily that we are knitting, what seems like, the LARGEST sweater EVER! He also remembers to pray for a complete healing over Ella. I stop thinking that God will heal her completely, but Joe doesn't. He knows that God can heal her, but we both know He is glorified either way.

With Sara having to say goodbye to Mike for 9 months I realized how lucky I am to have Joe every night and every morning. To be able to lean on him for anything...even if it's just a doctors appointment that I don't want to attend alone. I can be a little crazy...Joe helps me not be QUITE so crazy.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Ella's Current Status

I haven't written much about what's been going on with Ella. I guess mostly because it's so hard to put it into words. People who see her fairly often...or every couple of week, at least...notice a lot of's harder to see them when you are with her every minute of every day. Things we have noticed are that she can now pull her eye patch off. Not only does she pull it off but she does it immediately after placing it on her's like a band-aid and she just rips it off. It's great because she has the ability to do it...but now I have to figure out how to patch her so she CAN'T take it off. She also pulls her glasses off. She thinks it's really funny, but it drives me nuts. Not so much that I get upset...just that I wish she would keep them on, otherwise it's a lot of money down the drain. She's sitting better HAVE to be holding her (or at least ready to catch her) but she can sit unassisted for about 10 steps.

We are currently doing PT (physical therapy) and OT (occupational therapy) though the ECI program, which is federally funded. We are being assessed to be a part of Our Children's House at Baylor (downtown). We are hoping to pick up OT and ST (speech therapy) through OCH. Each of these will be twice a week...yep, that's a LOT of therapy!! We are also currently seeing a dietitian/nutritionist to make sure that Ella is getting everything correctly through her tube.

Since we were assessed for the OCH OT last week I got the report today of where they think Ella stands...I thought you might like to read.

Hawaii Early Learning Profile (HELP):
The HELP is a curriculum based tool used to assess and approximate developmental age levels and document when skills/behaviors are of poor quality, atypical, or dysfunctional.

Elizabeth is showing solid cognitive skills to the 2.5-4 month level and scattered skills up to the 3.5-5 month range. Skills achieved include: searching for a sound; inspecting own hands, arms and feet' listening to a voice for 30 seconds or more; and localizing sounds with eyes. Emerging skills include: beginning to play with rattles and she'll play peek-a-boo with a rag on her own face (but doesn't quite understand when mom puts one on her own face).

Elizabeth is showing solid gross motor skills to 2 months of age and scattered skills to the 3-5 month range. Skills achieved include: she can turn her head to both sides while lying on her back, can briefly lift her head up to 45 degrees when on tummy, holds her head to one side when on her tummy, and she can roll both ways (and will roll to get her favorite toy). Emerging skills include: beginning to lift her head when supported at her shoulders, she can briefly push up on forearms on her tummy, and is beginning to bear weight on her feed when held in the standing position. Atypical developmental patterns noted include: rolling tummy to back off the L side only (head turned R) and seldom reciprocally kicks (is usually both legs together).

Elizabeth is showing solid fine motor skills to 2-3 months and scattered skills up to the 4-5 month range. Skills achieved include: tracking in all directions, blinking at a sudden stimulus, bringing hands to mid-line, clasping hands, and parents report she will grasp a toy, and she uses a ulnar palmar grasp. Emerging skills include: consistent reaching and grasping. Atypical developmental patterns noted: she uses her L more than her R, when she does bring hands to mid-line-the L brings the R, and the R thumb is indwelling more so than the L.

Witschorke Blog

Continue to check out the blog for my sister and her family... Sara posted the pictures that I took of Mike leaving...there are, as always, lot of pics of Ella. We met some amazing soldiers and officers at the airport and I'm excited to see what God is planning for Mike and the other guys over there.

Also, Sara has emailed the following and I thought I'd post it here:
For those who have asked here is the website to read more on the United through Reading program. If you would make your ckecks to the USO and mail them to me, we would like to take all of the checks and new books to the DFW location. You will also find a link to a reading list on this page as well if you would like to donate books. You are not limited to these book titles so please feel free to look for others. Thank you all for your help and suport. As you all know we were able to participate in this program and Micah loves his DVD and books. This is very close to my heart so anything would be appreciated. If you are going to send a check to me in the mail please let me know so I can inform you if it does not make it, but please make the checks to: USO.
Thank you all again- Sara

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Witschorke Prayers

I would like to request prayer for tomorrow. My sister will be saying goodbye to Mike tomorrow. We aren't sure what time his flight's "classified", but we know it will be tomorrow. We will get to the airport in the afternoon and it could be anytime. I honestly can NOT imagine saying goodbye to Joe. I struggle when he goes out of town for the weekend...knowing that Joe would be gone for 6-9 months (after already been gone for 6 months) would crush me. Sara is so amazing...she runs their family, takes care of Micah (who is nothing short of full-on-energy), and lives with my parents. All of this while worrying and praying over a husband who is miles and hours away. One of the scariest parts is the actual travel back to where Mike is stationed...I think once he gets there then he's a LOT safer.

Just remember when you hear or see people talking down about our troops...they are there to protect us...and they know that. They chose to protect the rights and liberties of this country and they are very proud to be doing that...and we are proud of them. If you see a solider, buy them dinner, say a prayer, shake their hand...let them know that being separated from their families and being put in harms way is appreciated.
Pray for peace. Pray for safe travel for Mike. Pray for Sara's heart as it breaks watching Mike leave. Pray for the relationship between Mike and Micah...that it can continue to grow at a distance. Pray for a hedge of protection from Satan over the Witschorke family as they withstand this trial. Pray for the hearts of the men that Mike's ministry and faith will touch and impact for God's glory. Pray for this family as they endure these months away from each other.

Bath Time