Monday, June 28, 2010

Morgan's Wonderland

We took a family trip to San Antonio and visited Morgan's amusement park for special needs children. It was are our memories from the park...we didn't take pictures of the rest of the weekend, but it was just as fabulous.


Yep, he is being influenced by his father:

Silly Pictures

Seizures...Part 1 and Part 2

Ella has been back to her seizure activity. She had a seizure on June 6th and again this morning on June 28th. We are currently looking to doctors and specialists to tell us why all these keep happening and will keep you posted as we get a diagnosis and a course of treatment.

She's the biggest trooper I've ever seen. She gets poked and prodded and tested and poked more and the child seems to come away unscathed...amazing.

Longest Break Ever

Since I last posted (the month of May):
  • The Kramers came in town and played with us. I know they came in for a wedding, but it was nice to have some good friends visit (since they had just moved 6 weeks before to Atlanta).
  • We've had a lot of doctors appointments for Baby #3, his name will be Jonathan Thomas Mitchell and is due August 27th. We'll find out next Tuesday, July 6th (which is also my 32nd birthday) what day we are going to plan to induce. In case you are wondering, we induce to make sure and get the antibiotics to prevent the same infection that Ella contracted at birth.
  • We found out that our dear friends, The Poages, have gotten accepted to Oxford School of Business just north of London and will be headed "across the pond" sometime in September...bittersweet because it's wonderful for them, but so sad for those of us here.
  • Our church, First Baptist Dallas, announced that they raised enough funds ($115 million) to erect an updated Education Building and new Sanctuary...this was something that our family prayed about for a long time so it was a huge blessing to be part of the celebration. We can't wait for the official groundbreaking in two weeks!!
  • Ella "graduated" her first year of PPCD at school and loved her field day (note the Popsicle, which she enjoyed very much!)
  • Joe and I got to celebrate the 30th birthday of our friend, Allison Aars, and loved getting dressed up and commemorate a wonderful woman.

  • We discovered that Ella has a severe allergy to peanuts and a skin allergy to strawberries, both of which caused us to change her diet...and we find it changing out own diets. We now have added an EpiPen to our list of meds we carry around with us.
  • Thanks to some wonderful family friends we got a lift installed in the back of our minivan so that I can easily get Ella's wheelchair in and out of the's been a huge blessing and I'll post pictures at some point.
  • Oh, and I fainted while shopping at Sam's. It all goes back to the Strawberry PopTart I had for breakfast that morning and my doctor has since laughed at me. Nothing to worry about, just an increase in protein each day.
  • For Memorial Day we went to the Arboretum (sorry, only one picture of Ella in a hat before the battery died) and then swam at the house: