Sunday, October 11, 2009

We really love our jammies around here.

Just like Tigger

The first picture is from August...just 2 months ago!

The girl can bounce back. Here she is a week after her seizure. Oh, and if you notice that the old round bolsters are's because she figured out how to use them as a ladder and climbed over the white gate and landed on the other side. Stay tuned for pictures of the new wall we are building!

3rd time in 5 months.

Ella had another seizure. Most of you reading this blog may know, since it was about 10 days ago (sorry, catching up has not been high on my priority list).This time was a little different, and probably less scary. Both of the kids went to bed on a Tuesday night with a bad cough. Joe got up and checked on Ella a few times during the night, the last time was at 4am. At 5:30am he heard her through the monitor seizing....and our morning began. We call the paramedics and while waiting, gave her the meds that we carry with us for this occasion. When the medics arrived her episode was under control...for about 1-2 minutes, then she started seizing again. They went ahead and put her in the ambulance. I rode with them, and Joe followed in his car. Our neighbor, Kathy, happened to see what was going on and she came and stayed with Will until Bill, Linda and Kristie all arrived.

Here is the email I sent to my SS class:

Hey class,
I thought I would go ahead and send out an email, since I have a moment.

We knew that neither of the kids felt well yesterday and had been running temps on and off, but yesterday both got chest coughs. Last night, after I got home from bible study, I went in and checked on both kids and Ella had a rough cough and looked a little off (no real description of what I mean) so we held her for a while. Eventually we put her back to bed and propped her up so that if she coughed, she wouldn't be laying flat. I, Andrea, was up with Will and his cough till about 2:30am. Joe go up at 4am to check on Ella, because he's a good daddy and wanted to keep tabs on her, and she was sleeping soundly. At 5:30am Joe heard her through the baby monitor and went to her room to find her seizing. He shouted to me over the monitor to call 911 and the word "seizure"...and then it was off to the races. Getting dressed, giving emergency seizure meds, brushing teeth, packing bags, giving info to paramedics, calling parents and Kristie. They got one of her seizures under control and then about a minute or two later she started up they gave her more meds and we headed off to the hospital. Our neighbor, Kathy, came over and watched Will until Kristie or the Mitchell's showed up. We really are so blessed by having people available to help. We got to the hospital and they put us in a room and got us all set up...again, God was faithful. Some of you may remember Ryan and Carrie Schirato who used to be in our class...Ryan's mom is Reed's assistant, they are both nurses in the ER here (Ryan has a cool job over the whole hospital at night) and we got to have Carrie as our nurse...what a blessing!! So, now we know she doesn't have a UTI (urinary tract infection, which is what she had in April and August), flu test was negative, chest x-ray was, now we wait, and we wait, and work on the computer and our verses, and wait some more. I'd love to say that there is something that any of you can do, but for now, there really isn't. We don't even know how long we'll be here, and we don't want anyone coming up to the hospital where the flu seems to be the worst...they had over 50 cases in the ER last night. So, just pray. We'd love to know you are praying, it just makes you feel covered under a warm blanket.

We love you all so much.

Joe and Andrea (although you know Andrea wrote the email while Joe walked around the room messing with all the medical equipment, trying to figure out how everything works)

So, we found out that both kids had parainfluenza...a type of flu. It's not H1N1, or anything of the A or B strain...something different. It was very we all had to wear the masks. The paraflu can cause croup, which is what Will had...for almost a full week. Ella bounced back VERY quickly. We were only in the hospital a total of about 27 hours and were very happy to go home so soon this time. She has bounced back better each time this is happen, so we can only credit that to the Lord.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Working on it..

it may take me a couple of days now that I can upload again. Be patient and I'll update a little each day.

Happy 3rd Birthday Avery Poage

80's Skate Jam

Waiting for Daddy to come home.

Yes, my child is in the front yard in just a diaper...sometimes we just have those days.

Jammie Day

Notice a few pictures where Ella crawls over to the TV...yep, can't keep the girl from going everywhere!

Horsing Around Again

In the first picture you see Ella pushing Ms. Cindy out to the arena. Cindy works at getting Ella to use her upper body to push while she is walking.

Gettin' Back on Her Horse

We are ramped back up and have started doing physical therapy on the horse again. We are still at Equest, out in Wylie (about 30 East of our house). We really feel like this has been huge for her advancing and are so greatful that the Lord has allowed us to afford it (insurance doesn't pay for it). This year we are riding Princess Buttercup...such a beautiful horse!