Monday, August 25, 2008

Family Photos

Blogger Prayer

Okay blog friends and is a new blog I am addicted to, BIG prayers needed for this family. I just read the WHOLE blog since last night and eventhough I don't know them, you will probably fall in love with this family as well.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Where I'm From

I am from a creek running through the park from Taffy’s breakfast and living near a big city without really being part of the city. From shopping on Saturdays after eating, picking Sunday afternoon lunch and letting mom sleep in. From root beer floats and banana split blizzards and a #2 cut the onions.
I am from the simple two story house with lots of room, front porch swing, a funny shaped pool, a toy room for fun, tornado closet under the stairs, an orange and brown kitchen, having our own rooms but sleeping in one bed, creaky stairs and hallway, and constant changes, except actually moving.
I am from the Cottonwood and Sweet gum trees and lots of monkey grass.
I am from ski trips and Galveston Island and the Bahamas and Vegas and Padre Island.
I am from Bob and Liz and Betty and Burt and Andy and Prissy from always having quarters in the pocket, endless worrying, familiar hands, wonderful stories, love for the brokenhearted and open arms and ears.
I am from the lectures of things done wrong and games that bring the fun and memories.
From “Home Safeway“and “if you’re not for Him then you are against Him“.
I am from Southern Baptist rules and the grace that forgives. Prayer before dinner, giving to others first, you can never spend too much time at church. Mission Friends, Girls in Action, Choir, Mission Trips, Camps, Sunday morning, Sunday Night, SNAC, Wednesday Night Live.
I'm from The Big “D”, the line between Texas and Arkansas, somewhere in the New Mexican desert, and Black Irish (or so we’re told), Hamburger Helper and Sunday Roast.
From the grandmother who didn’t graduate high school and never felt like she was smart enough but she taught us how to play tennis and how to cook and how to host family on any given holiday, the best way to throw a birthday party is to bring everyone a present and the uncle who took a bullet in the chest and lived to tell the tale, and thinks it’s fun to show us where he was shot, and joke that it hurts when we touch it.
I am from photos at the top of stairs covered in green shag carpet, on a wood paneled wall in the living room, in random photos up another stairway with girls sitting on porches, ceramic birthday princesses still lining new shelves, boots at Christmas, and endless items with our names and the gift date written on them.

Want to write your own "Where I'm From" poem? Find the format here.

Track and Field

We had a WONDERFUL day on Saturday with so many friends and family coming out to support us. Greatfully my friend Annie (pictured here with Ella and me) had a camera so we have at least one picture from the day!! Thank you to everyone who came out and ran for TeamElla: Annie and Jeremy Hunt; Katherine, Michael and Judah Kramer; Izzy Fowler; Ashley, Chip and Kate; Allison and Michael Aars; Courtnye and Issac Lynch; Taylor, Alex and Ginger Wells; Kristen Gary; Danny Cherkassky; Uncle Brian and Aunt Kayla Roughton; Bill and Linda Mitchell; Michael Witschorke; and I think I might be most impressed that my dad, Andy Roughton, completed his first ever 5k (and he's 59 years old!). Our team has raised an amazing amount of money for a foundation who helps children and adults with disabilities similar to Ella's. If you would still like to donate you still can just click here.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Kathryn Davy Page is HERE!!

I am SO excited that Davy Page has arrived! I just got to hang out with Becky in the last few weeks of her pregnancy and it's so neat to see someone pregnant one day and then holding the baby just a few days later. Holding Davy also reminded me how much they grow in just 6 months, as she felt SO light. It really is wonderful to hold a baby only a few hours old. Also, I'm jealous that Becky could look so beautiful after just having a baby! Russ is a proud daddy. Thank you Katy Orender for your pictures because I can't figure out how to upload mine from Joe's phone.
Davy (long A) is named after Sheldon Vanauken's wife in Russ and Becky's favorite book, A Severe Mercy. They fell in love with each other while reading this book. Her first name, Kathryn, is after Becky's bestest friend (the before mentioned) Katy Orender.

Friday, August 01, 2008

Cary Question

The song from the Cary Pierce commercial (for the Nasher) is called "Tower" was an anonymous question so I thought I'd just post the answer here.

Anyone going to see Jackopierce in November?!?!?!

I'll post pictures from the Graham Colton concert in a minute.