Tuesday, December 22, 2009

We're Expecting

Some of you might have already read, but this post is to announce that we are expecting our 3rd child in August. We'll keep you updated as the pregnancy progresses. Thank you already for your prayers of health.

Monday, December 21, 2009

School Field Trip to Collin Creek Mall

Thanks to our wonderful Kristie, I got to take both of the kids to Ella's field trip to Collin Creek Mall. Ella sat on Santa's lap (Will freaked and wanted nothing to do with the fuzzy man). Both kids played on the great indoor playground. Ella fed herself ice cream with all of her friends and then Will got to take Ella's turn on the train in the mall...benefit to being the little brother (the same size as the 3 and 4 year olds).

Girls Night at Rise

These girls are very special to me. They have all been there since BEFORE Joe and I started dating and have been shoulder's for me to cry on and laugh with...we all needed this dinner to catch up and laugh some more.

FC Christmas Party 2008...end of memory lane.

You can tell I had a lot of fun with friends this year. Two kids at home will do that to you.

Fellowship Class Christmas Party 2007...memories...

Stephanie is 6 months pregnant with Julia and I'm 8 months pregnant with William. Stay tuned for 2008 and Ashley will be pregnant...it's contagious in the class.

Fellowship Class Christmas Party 2006...just for fun

Sunday School Christmas Party

Soft...like a scarf.

Joe and his brother, Josh, had a cat when they were younger...named Scarf. When asked WHY they named him that the answer is..."because he was soft, like a scarf". Weird.

Here is our little man in a scarf because he wanted one like mommy's.

I can communicate!

This is a device that speaks words or phrases when you press the large blue buttons. Our AMAZING Speech Therapist, Jennifer, put sticker on each button. One says "juice" with a picture and one says "pudding" with a picture. Ella is pressing the "juice" button and then getting her juice!! It's fun to watch her figure out that she can actually ask for something and we understand her. We are working on this at home as well. This is very exciting. One small step at a time.

Mitchell Christmas Tree 2009

Step 1: Play at the Christmas Tree farm while it's freezing outside:

Step 2a: Wait till the kids are asleep and bring in the tree:

Step 2b: Set up the tree:

Step 3: Wait till the tree has relaxed a day to decorate...make sure there is egg nogg:

and cookies:

Step 4: Decorate:

Step 5: Fall Asleep while sitting up, from all the fun:

Angel and Lights

Here is our precious angel looking at Christmas Lights as we drive around Dallas. They were beautiful, but she is a gift from God.

When it gets cold...we head to the mall

Happy 2nd Birthday Hank