Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Internet Garage Sale

If anyone is interested in purchasing a fully-loaded pool table or a 60" TV then email me at , my family is selling them and is making a good offer on both.

Also, my little brother (okay, he's almost 23) is moving to San Diego and selling the following:
  • Black Leather Couch, Chair and Ottoman
  • Pewter Square Kitchen Tabe with glass insert top, 4 chairs w/ black leather seats
  • Black Metal rectangular coffee table with glass top
  • L Shaped Metal Desk with glass top

Must be Spring Cleaning for the Roughtons.

Sunday, January 28, 2007

Strolling along...

We decided to try something new and let Ella sit up in her stroller...I think she liked it. She looked back at Joe and I the whole time bc she can hear us and couldn't find us, but it was fun to see her sitting up!!

Sunday Pictures

I love posting pictures of her in her Sunday clothes!!

Saturday at the Byers'

Here is Ella with her newest friend, Maddie Byers. Included are Maddie's grandparents, Rick and Sue Byers (their son Kent was Joe's roommate the 4 years before Andrea). You will also note the "buddy" pictures of the girls, couldn't only include one. Also, Maddie is about as big as Ella was when we finally brought her home from the hospital almost 8 months ago...amazing how fast they grow!!

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Occupational Therapy

I thought I would let you know what Ella is working on with OT. I know it's hard to understand exactly where and how she is "behind" and what it is that we work on. I recieved a list of "Outcomes, Criteria, and Strategies" from her therapist and thought I would share it with you.

Outcome: Play using hands.
Criteria (outcome has been achieved when): When Elizabeth uses mature grasp patterns.
Strategies (activites that will help my child to achieve the outcome):
  • Facilitation to aid in the integration of grasp reflex
  • Finger play at midline/Toy play at midline (traslation: Ella plays with toys in the middle of her body, not off to the side...with her head in the middle)
  • Transfer toy hand to hand
  • grasp with thumb and 2 fingers
  • rakes or scoops small objects (cereal)
  • pokes with isolated index finger
  • drops with voluntary release
  • uses neat pincher grasp (translation: to pick up something with thumb and pointer finger)

Outcome: Have strong sucking and chewing (gum) skills
Criteria (outcome has been achieved when): Demonstrates functional lip/cheek strength/chews well.
Strategies (activites that will help my child to achieve the outcome):

  • Oral motor interventions to improve lip and cheek strength
  • close lips on spoon to remove food
  • chew/gum with lateral tongue motion
  • bite cracker/chew cracker
  • like food off spoon
  • finger feed
  • chews well

Personally, I'm hoping that Ella will be able to give herself a bottle (or at least hold her own bottle) by the time she's a year old...that would be a HUGE deal in our house. I know that someone reading this may have the thought that "well, some kids just don't do that yet" or "I know a child that didn't do some of these things until later"...that doesn't make it any easier for me. I have come to admit to myself that Ella isn't "slow" or "behind"...she has brain damage that keeps her from being ABLE or UNDERSTANDING as well as the rest of us. I know that children develop as different stages, but Ella's is a different scale chart completely. It's slightly obvious when she is "playing" with her cousin, Micah, that Ella is different. She can't sit up, or hold her head up for any long period of time and still has no ability to sit on her own. THINGS ARE GETTING BETTER!!! Don't get me wrong, I know that she has made HUGE strides in her short life (almost 9 months now), but we have a lot to work on. It's getting more difficult to "hide" the fact that Ella is different. I'm trying to keep her as normal as I can, but even carrying a 20 lbs weight is hard some days. I need to carry her in a car seat or keep her in the seat when she's in a stroller. She is super happy and doesn't seem to get frustrated which is great. She is starting to cut a tooth and I'm glad that it came a little later, but relived to know that something is happening within a normal schedule. Ella has been fighting a cold, probably compounded by her tooth, and she's now much happier and not sleeping during the day quite as much...thankfullhy. Please feel free to always ask any questions or comment on Ella's progress. I, sometimes, don't know what is "commom knowledge" and what we feel is common just because it's our life. Thank you again for your concerns and love for our family.

"Nothing is impossible with God." Luke 1:37

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Surgery Update

A couple of people have asked so here's the update on Andrea (although you all come here to see Ella!!). My surgery is scheduled for Wednesday, February 14th. Yep, if the date looks familiar it's because it's Valentine's day for surgery. I'm scheduled at noon and Joe is going to be with me at the hospital. It should just be a day surgery, so I should be home that evening. (We'll be at Medical City Dallas...our home away from home!!). My WONDERFUL mother-in-law is coming in to take care of Ella for the week...God bless her!! I have been feeling fine, just in some pain, but nothing too horrible. I should be down for a day or so, but hopefully up and going before Linda leaves me!!

Thank you for your prayers, concern, and support.

On the floor with Daddy

LOTS of pictures playing with Micah

Ella spent the day with her cousin Micah and Aunt Sara (and Uncle Drew...who was unavailable for pictures)...her are some shots...okay, a lot of pictures:

Sunday Pictures

This is a sweet dress that Grandma sent from Iowa and a sweater that Aunt Barbara gave Ella for Christmas...she looked so adorable in this a little angel.

More High Chair...

We haven't quite figured out how to keep her awake in the chair!!

Couple's Dinner

Dinner with friends.