Monday, December 20, 2010

4 Months I'm a little late posting. As rarely as I post you should be happy this made it on here at all.

Here are the 4 months stats for the kiddos.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Coming to the end...

As 2010 is wrapping up we can start to look back over the year and see that it's been a year of big changes around here.

We found out we were pregnant with Jonathan just before the year began. And were a little shocked by the timing, but have been so blessed by our sweet baby boy.

We started off the year on a cruise with some of our dearest friends. After a large amount of scripture memory we went to 3 ports and spent a week, including New Years, with 13 couples.

Ella had a year of development and seizures...we've clocked 12 this year and have spent a lot of time at Medical City Dallas Hospital. She can walk with assistance...if she feels like it. We've learned that she can be very obstinate. She deals with everything life hands her with an amount of joy that keeps all of us focused on God as He teaches us through her.

Both of my grandparents (my dad's parents) passed away this year. My grandfather passed in the Spring and my grandmother this Fall. We had a great memorial service for them that all of the Roughton's got to attend. (Picture of my grandparents with Ella and then all of us at the service)

Will has probably changed the most. He is amazing. It's like being a first-time parent, even though he's our middle kid, and it's a blast. He talks non-stop, remembers everything and weird details, he keeps us laughing and loves his brother and sister to no end. He can say all of his letter, numbers (he thinks he can count to 100, but he's only good to about 20), he can spell his name and has found a true love of reading books. He loves to dance, loves to watch movies and can tell you all about the bible and is excited to celebrate the birthday of Baby Jesus. He has become my buddy and it's fun to take him places. He does tend to "love" everything and say that things are his "favorites" even if he doesn't know what they are..again, we laugh a lot. He has passed Ella in size...he's 37 lbs, 42" and wears a size 12 shoe...E is 34 lbs, 39" and wears a size 8 shoe. He could usually pass for a 4-year-old till they hear him talking. We notice that everyone expects more of him because of his size, and he seems fine with that expectation. (The kids in 2009 and then Christmas 2010)

Joe and I have grown closer and more in love for another year. We celebrated 6 years of marriage in October (7 years together in November) and have realized more and more that we were created to compliment each other. We are VERY different, but it works so great. Joe is the greatest husband and father. He spends all of his free time with us and gives me plenty of time away from the house and watches all THREE kids without a single complaint...amazing. God has blessed us so much and our challenges have strengthened us more than we thought possible.

Some of my closest friends, as well as my mom and sister, all moved from Dallas this year.

It's been a big year of changes...I'm hoping for a really boring 2011!!

The Kiddos

I've been putting together a comparison each month of the kids. It's fun to try and decide who looks more like whom...but I think it's obvious that they are related!

2 Months

3 Months
4 Months