Monday, August 28, 2006


I finally figured out how to do links on this blog....soooooo, check out the blogs of our friends to the side...if you have a blog PLEASE send me the site and I'd love to add it to our blog links as well.

ALSO, check out the photo folders...these are ALL the pictures we have taken of Ella...there are over 1,000 photos combined so don't feel like to have to look at them all!! Also, please feel free to order whatever pictures you would like from these links.

The Mitchells

PS...medical updates tomorrow!!

Thursday, August 24, 2006

15 weeks old (and hanging out with cousin Micah)

I wanted to post some pictures...we'll send out an update tomorrow after developmental appointment.

Sunday, August 20, 2006

Ella's new friend Eliot

I thought it was cute to post a picture of Ella's new friend (via blog) Eliot. They have both had a rough start of life ( They are in the same towel after bath time and I just loved putting the pictures side by side.

If our prayer chain could start adding Eliot, Matt, and Ginny to their list we could glorify God through another child.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

15th of the Month

Thought it might be interesting to see Ella on the 15th of the Month for the last 4 they are in order:

May 15th, in the NICU...5 days after she was born, but 4 days since she got sick. it's amazing how far we have come from having to look at our daughter in this way.

June 15th... Here she is after she'd been home for about a week.

July 15th:w/ Great Aunt Carole after a bath. Looking good w/ those baby blues open.

August she is with her daddy...just sleeping and hanging out after a night of laughter and cooing...God is so good to us!!

Doctor News and Stuff

We ended up having two appointments today.

First we met with our ophthalmologist (eye doctor) and we don't know anything new. Ella was FAST asleep and wouldn't wake up at all...the doctor was pulling on her eyelids to look inside, but Ella wasn't cooperating. She still has a lazy eye and could have cortical blindness, however they can't diagnose anything right now and won't untill she's 6 months old, so we will go back in November for a diagnosis. We scheduled our appointment with the neurologist for September 1st since Joe will be able to attend and I believe we will find out if the eye problems are neurological at that point. I think we'll find out a LOT with this appointment.

Second we took a trip to the pediatrician. I was actually just taking her by to get her weighed and see if she was getting enough or too much to eat. Since, as you know...she doesn't really cry, we are having a hard time determining when and how much to feed her. We have her on a very specific schedule, more for us and so we don't actually forget to feed her. She weighs 11 lbs 9 oz!! She's also 23 1/4 inches long. She is now in the 40% percentile of other girls her age in weight, and 50% percentile in length...finally perfectly normal in something. (Daddy says she's not "normal" at all. He thinks she is above normal in every aspect of life.) We also let the doctor know that her pee stinks. Probably not something you needed to know...but her wet diapers started to smell worse than her dirty ones (and that's no easy task). He thinks she might have an infection so they put a cathather (not enjoyable) inside and gathered enough to send to the lab. We'll know on Thursday what the results are going to be and if we need to do anything.

We are all sleeping really well. Ella doesn't love going to bed, but once she gets down she sleeps for 6-7 hours and then her daddy feeds her, then she goes back down for 2-3's wonderful and we know we are blessed in the sleep department. Some of you know, but we have stopped trying to breastfeed altogether. It became more of a task than an enjoyment and this way we can monitor Ella's food intake...and I'll be honest, pumping for 3 months straight was enough for me.

Ella as started really smiling, laughing, and cooing. It's the most wonderful sound in the world. I honestly think you could record that sound and it would sell for millions bc it's the sweetest most loveable sound in the world. She's doing it now as she plays with her daddy on the floor. She does tummy time every day and can hold her head up really well. For some reason when you hold her she doesn't do as well holding up her head, but we are working on it. We have our physical therapist come out to the house tomorrow for our first real session. They will come out every week for 3 months and then reasses our needs. ECI (early childhood intervention) is a great organization.

Enjoy the pictures, continue to pray, and know that we love you all.
The Mitchells

Sleeping on my way to Isaac and Courtnye's place for a birthday BBQ!!

Mom and Ella on the way to church this past Sunday. Thanks Mrs. Dawn for the pretty dress!!

Well, I started out on the middle of my mat and when mommy came back in the room I had moved all the way over to the they have to watch me better.

Thursday, August 10, 2006

3 Month Update

Quick update since I have a squirmer on my lap...who is READY to eat. She's not crying yet, but she can tell us when she's hungry!

We have a lot of doctors appointments coming up. Eye doctor next week, Physical Therapy starting the next week and neurology next month. She weighs around 11.5 lbs...crazy how fast they grow already.

We are sleeping about 8 hours at night and she doesn't seem to mind so much. Her eyelashes are filling in and when Courtnye and I were at the mall today it seemed like 20 people stopped to comment on them...I just think she's beautiful.

Thank you for 3 months of prayers...I'll try to be better.

Check out the new pics below. We love the bunny our Uncle Matt brought us from Atlanta for dedication Sunday.

Love you all,
The Mitchells