Sunday, June 29, 2008

Standing on the Promises

No Boys Allowed

Saturday Sunbathing

We eventually did get's hard to get two kids ready for the pool (and keep them happy). We spent the whole day Saturday just swimming with my was SO great to just relax at my parents house and for my dad to get to spend a lot of time with both kids in the pool. Again, it's impossible to actually swim with them AND take pictures. I've always said I need a little photographer to just follow us around all day taking pictures...guess we aren't famous enough for that.


Ella thinks it's fun to dive over the bolsters (about 10" diameter) face first.


We went to the Arboretum with friends from's a picture of Ella (and Will's toes...he was asleep):

One Fish, Two Fish

Well, I can't actually take pictures while I'm swimming with the kids, so here are pictures from afterwards...they both LOVE to swim, but there is only one mommy to we alternate Jumperooing (is that a verb?). So we hung out by the pool for a while and then went inside and played...oh, and took pictures:

Tarzan...well, more like Jane

Ella swinging with Katy...helps with her tone during Occupational Therapy.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Prego Page

Becky Page is one of my dearest friends who was there when I thought Joe might like me (she disagreed) and even crashed our first date (so that Joe could help her pick out cowboy boots), stood up for us at our wedding (I got to stand up for them as well) and she was there every step of the way through both of my pregnancies (as a prayer warrior and a friend) the Pages' are pregnant and we got the chance to celebrate with them on Saturday night:

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Family Day

Shower of Friends

Today my mother, sister and I went to a bridal shower for a wonderfully beautiful bride. Megan is the daughter of the pastor of the church where I grew up. I wish I had gotten a picture with her today, however it would only show her outward beauty, she's even more amazing when you get to know her heart for the Lord. It was a great event of so many women from the church. Women I hadn't seen in years and it was so good to catch up with so many friends. The neatest thing is now that so many people are in different stages of life we get to connect in a different way than we did as youth. Anne, you were the highlight of my day!!

New Camera

Yeah, lots to write about (including my breakdown last week). However, happy new, got a new camera!!

Friday, June 13, 2008

Crazy Daze

Okay, so this has little to nothing to do with my kids...but the blog is about me too, so I'm going to write my story about today. Plus I have no camera (read the update on this below) so all I have is words right now:

8:30am: Ella wakes up
8:45am: Will wakes up (yep, after going to bed at it)
Feed both kids breakfast
9:40am: Mother-in-law shows up to watch kids for the day (wait for the miscommunication here)
While MIL is over I pick up the house quickly since the maids are coming at some point (always think it's funny how I clean up for the maids!!)
10:30am: Finally leave the house to run errands
10:40am: Arrive at car dealership to get my oil changed...inform them that I scheduled it online and requested a loan car while my car is being taken care of...they inform me that they don't do loaner cars for 6k-mile-inspections...I start to freak knowing that I have a huge list of errands while my kids are being watched and they do not include sitting in a car dealership reading bad magazines for 3 hours!! I rent a car from the attached Enterprise and vow to discuss when I return since I've got things to do...grrr
11:15am: Arrive at Best Buy to discuss my camera situation...I'm informed that it will cost somewhere around $300 to fix my camera so I nix that idea...thinking about taking up donations for a new camera so that I can start posting pictures again...anyone willing to contribute??? I leave, broken camera in hand :(
11:45am: May be too much information...I went to get my eyebrows waxed (thank you Jessica Melker for the Aqua gift card from like 3 years ago!!) this point I'm laughing about my day and have called my mom to tell her about the car situation and then the camera ordeal...I tell that my face will probably fall off when I get my brows the lady does my brows and THEN proceeds to wax my upper lip...I DIDN'T ASK FOR THAT!! so, I laugh inside and figure she must have thought I needed it...oh, what the heck, not worth complaining about, right?
12:30pm: Start to head to Chick-fil-A for lunch (since they have great salads)...the line is SO long it was backed up 2 blocks down the 75 service thanks, go get my nails done drama in the nail salon and the dealership called, my car is ready
2pm: Finally make it to the car dealership, drop off the rental ($62...grrr) and pick up my car ($58....double grrr), talk to the service manager and he says he'll talk to his boss and figure something out...he better
2:30pm: Finally stop and grab something to eat, call MIL to check in and inform her the maids may get there before I do, she tells me they have already come and gone...ooops, so I head to Target
3:30pm: Done with Target, saved $17 by using coupons, probably spent more than that on stuff I didn't need...why is that?? But, we have plenty of diapers now, forgot formula and a wedding shower gift...grrr
3:45pm: Stop by parents house to pick up some stuff, cheer for my (naked) nephew who is using the potty...this is a BIG deal people, I'd give anything to be potty training and not buying diapers forever!! As I'm leaving I realize I'm picking up Joe, downtown, in 45 mins and I'm not even home yet!!
4pm: Get home, realize my MIL was planning on leaving at 12:30pm (total miscommunication and I feel HORRIBLE) and the kids need to be changed, loaded in the car, I need to clean up from errands and load diaper bags and head out to pick up Joe.
4:15pm: Leave the house...pretty impressed with my time on this.
5pm: Have Joe picked up and heading out to dinner in Rockwall.
5:30pm: Dinner with the McLaughlin group...5 kids and 4 adults...we are totally outnumbered...6 year old Dean, 4 year old Robbie, 2 year old Ella, and Addie and Will are 10 days apart...we're crazy...dinner at Bass Pro restaurant, great place, food was moderate.
8:30pm: Heading home from Rockwall with an exhausted car of people.

10:45pm: Ella has FINALLY gone to sleep after fighting it for the last 2 hours, Joe is doing bills, I'm writing out my day and realizing I still have to pick up a gift for the wedding shower tomorrow...and tomorrow will be crazy too.

Calgon, take me away!!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Lovin' on Mommy


Uncle Matthew was in town for the weekend. Mom's camera worked rarely, but we got a few pictures!! (Now the camera is 100% broken!!) Ella and Will LOVED hanging out with good to have family in town and just relax all weekend.

Rooting for the Lakers

Daddy and Will watching the 1st Game of the Lakers/Celtics

"whatta mean the Laker's lost?"

"that's alright...hanging out with Daddy is fun!!"

Surgery Day

Pennington Missionary Shower