Thursday, June 28, 2007

Sweet Baby

How great is a clean are some after bath pics...and a few new curls

New Spot

Ella's new favorite sport is trying to roll into the bookshelves in our family room. I pulled out one of her baskets thinking that she would play with the toys...instead she tried to see if she fit. I took the picture a little late...she was actually IN the shelves...crazy girl. Needless to say the "bumper" you see below her is supposed to stop her from rolling into the shelves.

Learning to Drive

Before you freak out, grandparents, we were parked. While waiting to see one of the houses on our list, Joe decided to teach Ella how to drive...she has a little trouble seeing over the steering wheel, but give her a few years and we'll all want to get off the roads!!


Wearing Glasses

We hardly ever put Ella in her glasses anymore because she always pulls them off. While daddy was inside Texadelphia picking up our lunch (looking at houses makes you hungry) I thought I'd take some pics of E in her glasses. Notice the difference in the size of her pupils...we dialate her "good" eye in the morning to help strengthen the Right seems to be working, but looks a little funny.


Here are pictures from Ella's first session of VitalStim. Her therapist, Sara, puts the electrodes on her neck (it's like little muscle contractors) and then we feed her once she starts to swallow. It's pretty amazing. She wasn't sure about it the first day, but I think she likes it now.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Big Girl Chair

I thought I'd let you all know that we ordered Ella a positioning chair today. It's called a Bingo XPS...fancy name for a fancy stroller. Here's the link if you want to see Thanks to the wonderful world of insurance it should take about 3 months to arrive, but we'll let you know when it's here and how she likes it!!

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

I love my husband.

I think I could write a post about how amazing my husband is every day and never cover all of the great things about him. Today I just want to say that my husband is the hope in our family. He continues to hope and pray and believe that Ella will be healed. I need that. I need that even when I think I want real answers...I really need him to keep hoping. Today is a day where I started to doubt if Ella was really getting better, or was EVER going to get better. My husband reminded me that we have hope. Hope not just in Ella's healing, but hope in an eternal life with our Lord and Savior. Ella's challenges will bring God glory in ways we may never know. I thank God for my husband who reminds me of that. Isn't God good?!

Perfect End to my Day

I was having a REALLY rough day today (thanks bible study women for listening to me!!). When I got home to my wonderful mother, who watched Ella (so I could go to bible study and Joe could go see a musical...yes, you read that correctly), I received this email attachment from my friend Lisa Rodriguez. Thanks Lisa, this is what I needed to end my rough day:

I think Ella does this, but in her own language.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Lots of Changes

Well, our house has had some changes. We've actually started cleaning it out. As of this week our house is officially on the market. We had found a house in Plano that seemed so perfect for us, but as of Friday it was under contract. Originally this house was a good reason to put ours on the we have a better reason...we are expecting our 2nd child in February!! I know...instead of just coming out and saying it I thought I'd explain what else is going on. Yes we are EXTREMELY excited. Joe is more than excited...I'm a little scared/excited. The morning sickness has already kicked in full-force so it's been interesting this past week. We had discussed starting to "try" after Ella's first birthday...we had NO idea it would happen the first month. We are currently due on February 3, 2008...however to prevent the same infection that Ella contracted our doctor is planning to deliver around 38 1/2 around January 23rd. We have our 2nd doctors appointment and 1st sonogram on July 6th...which is also Andrea's 29th birthday. We are still looking at a house to move in to. We are wanting to move somewhere that will be able to house our growing family as well as be accessible for Ella...without any stairs. We'll let you know how the house process is going. If you know anyone looking for a 3/2 in the White Rock Lake area then send us their info!! We will keep you updated on Mitchell-Baby #2!

Here is the picture from telling the news to our Sunday School Class yesterday:

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Abraham Per Mitchell

Abe Mitchell has arrived. He was born on Monday in Kona, Hawaii to Josh and Wendy Mitchell (Joe's brother and sister-in-law). He was 5 lbs 2 oz and 20.5 inches long. He has had a few little problems so they are monitoring him, but Josh said mom and baby are both healthy. Wendy was in labor for almost 48 hours...she's amazing!!

I'll post pictures when I'm cleared to do so (and when I get any!!).


I guess it's been a while since I've actually written anything on the blog. Before we left we had a lot going on.

We had discussed doing the Nissen Fundo surgery to help with Ella's reflux, but are currently deciding against the procedure. Ella had a 3rd swallow study so that she can begin VitalStim at Our Children's House (OCH) at Baylor Downtown. They are EXTREMELY backed up in their schedule, but we are on the waiting list. If you know of anywhere in Dallas or North Dallas that does VitalStim let me know, I might be willing to travel if we can get in!! The VitalStim is Ella's feeding therapy, it's one of the reasons that we are postponing the surgery right now. Since the Swallow Study Ella has been cleared to eat 2 oz of baby food (thickened to pudding consistency) just to get her back in the swing of things. We are scheduled to start Speech Therapy THIS Thursday at will be at OCH.

We also had a consultation with a second pediatric opthomologist, Dr. Stager, and he suggested the corrective eye surgery for Ella's "lazy" eye. Right now we are dilating her left eye (the "good" one) instead of the patch...which she easily removes and places directly in her mouth. We are going to postpone the surgery until we feel that it's necessary, and right now we just don't feel that it's crucial.

Ella is making GREAT progress!! She is holding her head up better and loving facing forward in her car seat. Joe has claimed that she will be crawling by my birthday (July case it isn't already on your calendar!) and so we worked with the Physical Therapist today to get exercises to get her there.

As always ask questions so I know if I've left anything out!! Joe wants me to mention that she gets cuter every day...I think he likes her, A LOT!!

Family Night

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Joe and Andrea take a drive

Dinner with more Mitchell's

Monday night we had dinner with some more Mitchell's. Bill (Joe's dad) had some family in San Diego, and they graciously invited us to dinner. In the first picture you will see Bill's cousin Ann, Mary Margret, Harman, and Marisa (Harman is Mary and Marisa's dad...and Bill's cousin as well). We had a VERY lovely dinner at Marisa's house (her husband Dan was out of town). There is a picture of Joe and I on their patio and then some pictures of the view. The first scenery picture is from the front door and the other two are from the back. It was the most amazing house!!

Sea World San Diego

Sunday, June 03, 2007

Rock 'n' Roll Marathon!!

First Day in San Diego

Plane Ride to San Diego

Ella decided she liked daddy's apple...thanks Aunt Sara for the Pink Lady apple!
Since she doesn't take a bottle we tried to give her a pacifier to help her pop her ears...had to take pictures since she's never used one before.