Wednesday, May 11, 2011

My Dearest William,

You are my buddy. We go almost everywhere together and have our routine down during the week. Speaking of routines, you hate it when one is changed. You like to go the same way to all of your familiar places and you like it when everything is where it should be...except your toys. You are so adventurous. I love to watch your excitement with anything new. One thing you really hate is loud noises. You've never like lawn equipment, anything being blown up or anyone to talks or laughs too loud. You seem to hear everything, except us calling your name. Most people would say that you are a good boy, and you are, but you have a tendency to want to do things your way and in your time. Daddy and I work very hard at teaching you why you need to obey and what role God plays in teaching us obedience and submission. You learn most things very quickly, but I think this one may take a while. We pray that you learn the easy way and not the hard way. You have loved learning who God is already. You love to read the bible, you love the stories, and you have even memorized some scripture. Daddy has taught you John 3:16 and Matthew 5:8...and he's working on a new one, he wants to make sure that you hide God's word in your heart, even at your that you will always know truth. I pray that you grow to be a man like your father. May you be gentle and kind, giving and a good steward with your time and resources...may you love people, but know that God and your family come first and second. You are so curious. You ask a MILLION questions. Even your teachers at school and church notice that you are smart and you want to know everything, about everything, and why! You are a joy for me. You are so much like our first child because you are getting to do so much first for us. We love watching you grow up to be a young boy. We pray that you will be a leader for Ella and Jonathan, may you always love them and take care of them. We pray that you and Jonathan will be close friends and always be able to count on each other. May you always cherish Ella and learn from the life that God designed for her. You are such a wonderful 3-year-old and I look forward to watching you develop into a wonderful young man.

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