Friday, March 16, 2012

Getting settled in. FW, part 2.

The first night was really rough. Luckily, we started the night off with visitors, but then we had to get down to business.

Ella was off all seizure meds so she had a really hard time falling asleep…understatement. She didn't go to sleep the whole night. She ended up having a seizure at 7am, slept for about an hour and then had another one at 9am…and that was our night. We stayed up the whole night. We had both been awake 24 hours by the time Joe arrived at 10am to relieve me of my shift. I went home and slept, while my in-laws took the boys around Ft. Worth and my mom headed to us to help out.

(Ella NOT falling asleep)

(mommy and Ella watching Downton Abbey around midnight)

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