Monday, January 16, 2012

A Few Updated Pictures

Ella has been doing great in Kindergarten this year. We are so proud of her and know that she has lovedgoing full days. We started her in a public school, but at the Christmas break switched her to a private school, Chase's Place and have LOVED it so far.

Will has shocked us by his absorption of
everything. He learns VERY quickly and loves to know about everything. He can count to 100, knows all of his letters and what they sound like and what begins with them. Questions are of no shortage with our giant 3-year-old. When he turns 4 in a few weeks we'll get to find out exactly where he is on the charts. He thinks he's a great comic and tries to do anything to make us laugh…which of course, makes us laugh.

Jonathan is already 17-months-old and tries to do EVERYTHING his older brother does. Fortunately he has a very hard head and a high tolerance for pain…so he just bounces around happily behind Will. He is by far our most active, because there is always someone to show him what he could do if he was just a little bigger. He loves Ella. Her name was his first word and he always looks for her and announces her presence. If you ask him to kiss or hug her he never denies her some love…she's the only one he consistently loves on. It's heart warming. He may be quick on the physical development, but he's slow to speak. Besides "Ella", "no", "bubba" (Will), "dada" and "papa"…he's slow to say much else. I'm guessing he'll pick up on more as soon as he slows down enough to care.

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